1 Gold Star Great Taste Award Winner 2017 – Prepack Grey Oyster Mushrooms (150g)

The Grey Oyster Mushroom is happy to accompany lots of other ingredients. They work well with seafood and white meat such as chicken and also good in stir fries, pasta or risotto. Our Grey Oyster Mushrooms were described by the Great Taste judges as “…Good looking, plump oyster mushrooms. Nicely cooked, caramelised, juicy and fresh on the palate. They have the characteristic bitter tang of oyster mushrooms. Juicy and meaty – great when a few flakes of salt are added. Good examples of Oyster Mushrooms with a very good flavour that holds well when cooked”

Wild & Gourmet Mushroom Umami Paste 180g

Blas Na hEireann Irish Foods Awards Finalist 2016 & Chefs choice Award 2016 – Wild & Gourmet Mushroom Umami Paste 180g

A combination of unami rich Forest Mix Mushrooms are combined with shallots, garlic, tomato paste, white wine, sherry vinegar,madeira, sunflower oil, fennel seeds, oregano, cornflour, salt and black pepper to form a Unami Paste. “Unami” is not an actual ingredient but rather a word used to describe the unusual combination of flavours in the paste. It translates from Japanese as “pleasant savoury taste”. Unami paste can be spread on crackers, crostini, panini or fresh bread. Drop a spoonful into dips, dressing or mayonnaise. It can be added to gravy, marinades, meatloaf and burger mixes. Delicious with cheese, cold meat and eggs and as a condiment spread over pizza, burgers or sandwiches. Can be used as a mushroom stock or add mushroom unami depth to savoury dishes during cooking by stirring into stir fries, pasta, soup, sauces, risottos and stews. Unami paste could transform every cooks food into Michelin star cuisine.

Blas na hEireann Irish Food Awards Bronze Award 2017 & Finalist 2016 – Wild & Gourmet Mushrooms Pâté (180g)

An infusion of Forest Mix Mushrooms blended with butter, garlic, brandy, thyme, salt, black pepper and white vinegar to make a spreadable pate.  Pâté is so versatile. It can simply be served on bread or crackers, as part of a cheese platter, as a dip, it can spice up a jacket potato, or stuffed into peppers and tomatoes, it will greatly enhance an everyday sandwich or salad, or topped on a steak or grilled lamb.

2 Gold Star Great Taste Award Winner 2016 – Prepack Shiitake Mushrooms (100g)

Shiitake Mushrooms are native to East Asia.  They have a meaty texture and go well with beef or as an alternative to meat for vegetarians. They have a smokey, peppery almost garlic like taste and they are sensational in sauces, soups, casseroles or in a simple omelette. Our Shiitake Mushrooms were described by the Great Taste judges as  “…superb and meaty, with fresh nutty, true umami richness and fabulous length of flavour – completely true to the characteristics of a shiitake mushroom. A dish of these mushrooms would be a treat for the taste buds, head and shoulders over many others…”

2 Gold Star Great Taste Award Winner 2016 – Prepack Forest Mix Mushrooms (150g)

Our Forest Mix Mushrooms contain a mixture of shiitake, beech, enoki, eryngii, chestnut and grey, gold and pink oyster mushrooms in variable proportions depending on season and availability – a truly splendid combination of textures and flavours which make a fabulous addition to any meal!  The Great Taste judges characterised our Forest Mix Mushrooms as “…bringing together a beautiful and very exciting selection of some very good quality mushrooms with a great variety of colours and textures. A really excellent mix of woody, sweet and nuttiness with long lasting mushroom flavours. And what a joy….the flavours really pack a punch…”