The Nikk & Catherine Story

In 1997, having moved back home from working in England for the previous 8 years, Catherine and her new husband, Nikk were fresh out of numerous years of study in the UK and ready to set up in business as Aromatherapists, Sports and Massage Therapists. Catherine’s family were retired farmers and had a lot of empty sheds and little fields around the farm. In their spare time Nikk took up several hobbies including making slate mirror and copper plated jewellery. He became very involved in the local craft workers in Wexford. Catherine erected a small polytunnel and developed a little herb garden on a small plot of land on the farm. When the herbs were ready to harvest we brought them in to the local restaurants around Wexford town.  At the time we spent a lot of time out walking our dog and when in season we foraged for wild mushrooms. Again the local chefs took the mushrooms from us for their restaurants and they became so popular and sought after that we began having the discussion about cultivating mushrooms ourselves

After a lot of research we came up with several varieties that were nutritious and colourful and began growing. Over the years we have used personal experience and lots of trial and error to research and develop the process of producing five specimens of gourmet mushrooms – Grey Oyster, Golden Oyster, Pink Flamingo Oyster, Shiitake and Pholiota. To complement our range we also import several different varieties from France and China to produce a truly splendid combination of textures and flavours. Today our company has transformed into an entity which is competitive, productive and innovative.

Executive Summary

Fancy Fungi Mushrooms began and has developed from a hobby in 1998 to a profitable enterprise. It is the only specialist in the region of cultivation, development and production of edible, exotic and gourmet mushrooms which go directly to wholesalers, restaurants, shops, markets and consumers around the country.

Over a period of many years we have developed a process of producing five specimens of gourmet mushrooms; Grey Oyster Mushrooms, Golden Oyster Mushrooms, Pink Oyster Mushrooms,  Shiitake Mushrooms and Velvet Pioppino Mushrooms. New products are constantly being researched and developed, but it can take up to 18 months to perfect the process.

Today our company has transformed into an entity which is competitive, productive and innovative. It is our mission to be the best exotic mushroom producer in Ireland.


  • HACCP Compliant
  • An Bord Bia
  • Dept. of Agriculture, Fisheries and Food (Primary Food Producers Register)
  • Health and Safety Authority inspected and approved

Unique Selling Points

  • We are the largest specialist/exotic mushroom producers in Ireland. Having spent 19 years growing the best tasting and best looking varieties of exotic mushrooms available.
  • Most of our mushrooms are grown in Wexford so they are faster to market than mushrooms coming in from abroad.
  • Freshness = better flavoured tastier mushrooms.

Mission Statement

The aim of Fancy Fungi Mushrooms, artisan producers of wild, exotic and gourmet mushrooms, is to continuously provide a superior and unique product range to the highest standard of quality and freshness with a reliable and prompt delivery service.